Notes on my India Trip, March 6 – April 4, 2017

India Trip, March 2017 The Toilet Paper Thing

I had also noticed that all the toilets came with an attached water pipe that turned them into what I would call a bidet. Here’s my toilet at the Grand Oak Manor, quite clean and respectable. The faucet controls water flow. There is a separate flush handle of the ordinary sort.

I should be clear that in the two mountain spots we stayed in, while there were these sorts of toilet, there was also TP. Anyway, I had always wondered just how people used these contraptions but never bothered to find out, WHEN, quite a bit to my surprise, I found myself face to face with the problem in my own cell’s bathroom. No doubt I could have gone down to the front office (where you could talk to staff and get, say, a bottle of water if you wanted – something I gave up on after only one bottle). But this was an adventure and a trial as well. The Hero’s Journey. There was no escaping your own thought with modern diversions, so you just got with it head on and figured things out. Ditto no TP.

There were also no towels. I had remembered to bring soap and toothbrush and razor. Also, as is my habit, I came with black T-shirts and white socks for all the days of my visit. This picture is from the last day. I’ve been mopping the floor some. That’s just water in the toilet. Notice the white sock under water in the smaller bucket. The dark there is just some I don’t know what artifact of the picture taking. Despite these grim appearances, I found the whole process very hygenic.